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shipwreck at Tromelin Island

The world is full of so many fascinating stories, and yet movies today are scraping the bottom of the barrel for material. Comic books have given way to cartoon characters. We get nothing but sequels, prequels, reboots, and remakes, as if there is a shortage of writers or original stories. I stumble onto fantastic stories all the time which beg to be filmed, or low-budget movies from years past that are ripe for an upgrade.

This is a story I ran across some years ago which has always stayed vivid in my mind as absolutely perfect for film. Not only has nobody made a movie about it, but nobody has written or published a fucking BOOK about it. (There's some French language books that cover it, but nobody has translated it.)

In 1761, a ship carrying slaves from Madagascar to Mauritius was shipwrecked on a tiny desert island. (I'm thinking "Lost" in the 18th century.) Some of the crew drowned and most of the slaves because they were locked into the hold. The crew took all the water and food, so some of the surviving slaves died from lack of water. They eventually dug a well and survived on sea turtles, seabirds and shellfish. After six months, some of the surviving crew used the ship's wreckage to build a raft and departed, promising to send a rescue ship. It was 15 years before anybody came back for the survivors. FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS living on a tiny, naked island. By the time they were finally rescued, there were only 7 women still alive, with one baby.





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